Dip Taralli Baresi in a glass of wine!

Taralli Baresi is a biscotti that was introduced many centuries ago in the Puglia Region of Italy. Taralli Baresi are sometimes referred to as Italian Pretzels by non-Italians because of their crunchy texture and shape.
It is a cross between a pretzel, a cookie and a biscuit. It's an unsweetened cookie, unsalted Italian pretzel. It's a savory biscuit. Enjoy it with a glass of wine, coffe or by itself!
Taralli Baresi get their unique flavor from a combination of: flour, water, white wine, oil, salt, fennel seeds, yeast, and or black pepper.

You can stock up on Taralli Baresi and keep them frozen until you are ready to serve them!

Taralli Baresi are Hand Made here at Marias' Taralli!

We Re-cycle and use recycled cartons for the environment and also to cut down expenses and pass the savings on to you.

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